Bible codes are real

Bible codes in Gen. 22:14-17

Hashem appears four times in these two verses. The possibility of getting a three letter hebrew word from random is one in 22³=10648. So that is the chance of getting just one particular hebrew word by typing random letters. Here we have that same hebrew word four times in these two verse. The probability of that happening is (1/10648)⁴=0 according to my calculator. Bad calculator. Well, we can do it on paper and we get 1/(1.29*10¹⁶). That is a chance of one in 12900000000000000. Very slim ods indeed. To me this proves beyound doubt, that that hashem was placed there by an intelligent being. A skilled scribe perhaps. Does it prove divine origin? No it does not. We see people coming up with similar crossword puzzles all the time. For a divine origin I’m looking for a case where say a 300 letter sequence appears with the ELS method. That would be beyond the means of even a skilled scribe. But alas, there are no such codes in the Bible. We get three letter, four letter and sometimes five letter words. But never whole sentences, never anything of truly divine proportions.

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Also Eheyeh appears in that same matrix. Now that is a four letter word and the chance of getting one of those by random is 1/22⁴ or 1/234256. Wow. Add that to our previous chances and the total is 1/((22³)⁴22⁴)=3.0110²¹ or one in 3.01 trilliard, if I have my large numbers correct. With very large number it is often difficult to see just how large or small they are. Again, accoring to my old calculator 1 divided by 3.0110²¹ is exactly zero. That is how close to zero it is. To give you some idea, there are 7.510¹⁸ grains of sand on the earth. So the probability of finding all those hebrew words in these two verses is smaller than the probability of finding just one marked grain of sand on the earth. Also take into consideration that the words found, hashem and ehyeh are directly related to these verses. So they are not just some random hebrew words.

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Oh now it gets interesting. There is also Yeshua’s name. Another four letter hebrew word. Shall we keep counting the odds? The odds of all of these appearing are now 1/((22³)⁴22⁴22⁴)=1/7.0510²⁶. The odds keep getting smaller. There are only 2.66410²⁵ drops of water in the oceans of the earth. So you are more likely to find just one drop of water on the oceans of the earth than getting all these hebrew words from a random source. All this shows, is that there is intelligence behind it. After all, people write sudokus and crossword puzzles all the time. Is this something a skilled scribe at the time of Moses could have achieved? I believe so. It does not indicate a divine origin. I believe the Bible to be of divine origin, but not because of Bible codes. For that, I raise the bar way higher and say that we need to find a sequence of at least a hundred characters long. The odds of getting that would be one in 22¹⁰⁰=1.75*10¹³⁴. To give you an idea how slim the odds of that would be, there are only an estimated 10⁸² atoms in the known universe. So that is the level I would expect were these codes from a divine origin. If the entire genealogy of Jesus was encrypted in the Torah, that would be something. Until that is found, it is all interesting, but not convincing.

The pastor on the video says that right there it says that “my name is Yeshua”. I don’t agree with that. I’m maybe too critical, but that’s not in one sequence. That’s two different ELS codes that are joined by the last letter of one code that is the same for the first letter of the second one. But Yeshua is definately there and that could not be by accident. Like I said, the possibility of getting just one four letter word were it by random would be one in 234256. Quite unlikely.

Then he says there is the word behold, it’s higlighted as “הא” Hey-Aleph, which I first didn’t believe ment “behold”. I’m familiar with the hebrew “Hinneh”, which means behold. So I had to check my lexicon (I’m maybe way too critical…) and indeed, strong’s 1887 “he” means lo, or behold and is found twice in the Bible (Gen. 47:23, Ez. 16:43). So it is a rare word, but definately means to behold. And that is in one sequence, the same ELS code and it does spell out “Yeshua, behold!”. That is one sequence that is six hebrew letters in length and the probability of that appearing were it due to chance is one in 22⁶ = 1/113379904. Again, pretty slim odds.


Oh there is more. There is the word “שה” She, meaning lamb, ten times in the text. This is only a two letter word, but since it appears ten times, the odds of that happening are 1/((22²)¹⁰)=1/7.0510²⁶ – again astronomically small probability of that occuring by chance. And all of that in just two verse is truly remarkable. Lets add up all the probabilities so far and we get a chance of one in (22³)⁴22⁴22⁴22²(22²)¹⁰=2.4110⁵⁶ – how small is that probability? Again, according to my geeky calculator it is exactly zero. That is an incredibly small number. You are more likely to find one grain of sand on all the beaches of the earth than to stuble accross all these hebrew words by random. You have a better chance of finding one drop in the ocean. To give you some idea, there are only 1.33*10⁵⁰ atoms on the earth. So you have a better chance of finding one marked atom on the planet earth, than to stumble across all these hebrew words, were it due to chance. So at this point, no sane man can claim that these ELS codes are there due to chance. They were put there by an intelligent being. Also one of those words spells out Yeshua, why would the scribes have put that there? Is that evidence of a divine origin? You tell me.

Oh there is also the word Echad. I’m too tired to add up the probabilities and it is almost Shabbat, so lets just leave it at that. The previous value tells you that no way on earth can these codes be there by chance.

The person on the video then says that these words spell “Yeshua is the I am and he is the one lamb”, but that is just mixing the words at random. You have to be consistent. Just focus on Yeshua being there, lamb being there, ehyeh being there, echad and hashem and YHWH. All of that in two verses where the context deals directly with the nature of God. So it is remarkable, it is interesting, it is against all the odds, it is very cool indeed. But for some reason, I’m looking for more. I want to see that 300 letter sequence to be able to say definitivly that this was put there by the hand of God.

Oh, there is more. Also the word river, five letters in hebrew “שמנהר”. I can’t find this one in my Lexicon. Google translate says that this hebrew word means “that he ran”. So it’s not a modern hebrew word. I’m not a great hebrew scholar, but I have the lexicon. And it’s not there. So I’m going to discard this one.

All in all, very impressive. No doubt a great mind put all these words there, but was it God or just a very creative scribe who had too much time in his hands? You tell me. I’m undecided at this point.

Oh, you might say that I’m not considering everything. There are so many hebrew words, so many variations of spelling, so many places in the Torah to search for, so many ELS settings etc. It is idle to do the math. You can subtract all of that from the possibility calculated above of one in 2.4110⁵⁶ and the chance is still practically zero. The codes were put there by an intelligent being, that is certain.

Had to leave the video at this point, because the sun is setting here in Finland, it is time for Shabbat, so Shabbat shalom, peace and love! Let’s not fight on the Shabbat. I respect all opinions. I want to know the truth. Let’s find it, so show me the evidence.

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